About Us:

Alif foundation is independent, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization primarily working on promoting basic education, Human Rights, to empower Women, and strengthening the public health system in Federally Tribal Administered Areas (FATA) of Pakistan.  



Our vision is to build a progressive society where there is educational and social equality with peace and justice for all. We envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive community in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives — also, an empowered, enlightened & leader Pashtun woman who is using her skills to make her life as well as others’ lives empowered, educated and peaceful in Pashtun areas.



To improve the lives of marginalized communities of FATA through education, health care and human rights.



  1. To undertake participatory development programs for promoting Educational Development, Youth Development, Health Security, Legal Education, and training.
  2. To secure and empower the rights of people, eliminate discrimination, investigate human rights abuses and pressure those with a power to respect rights and secure justice.
  3. To spread awareness of women’s human rights and strives to sensitizes society towards gender issue and encourages women to take steps to improve their own lives.
  4. To build institutional capacity at the local level focusing on women empowerment for sustainable development. 
  1. Providing Healthcare Facilities to children and their parents of the deprived communities in the FATA region.
  2. To build the capacity of the rural community to undertake their Socio-economic development. 
  1. To influence policies through documented research and practice. 



  •   Gender Equality 
  •   Empathy
  •   Tolerance
  •   Loyalty
  •   Integrity
  •   Peace & Justice 


Thematic Areas:

  •   Human Rights 
  •   Health
  •   Education 
  •   Women Empowerments
  •   Drug abuse
  •   Training and Capacity Building
  •   Gender Equity, Violence against Women & Children & Girls, and Gender-Based Violence.


Types of Projects:

  •   Service Delivery
  •   Advocacy
  •   Communication
  •   Research
  •   Training


Target Audience:

  •   Children, Adolescents and Youth (boys & girls)
  •   Victims and survivors of disasters/ violence
  •   Women and girls, men and boys, transgender
  •   Disaster-hit, underserved and underprivileged communities of rural Pakistan
  •   Religious minorities